Tim Wright


Modeling, analysis, and control of dynamic systems

Areas of expertise

  • Mathematical modeling and system identification
  • Continuous and discrete time controller analysis and design using conventional and - modern techniques
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation


Northwest Ohio


VisSim, Real-Time, C-Code, DLLs


Off-site: long term On-site: short term

VisSim Models Authored

System identification DLL (equation error methods: RLS, ELS, and GLS) Adaptive controller DLL (self tuning regulators: pole placement, PID, GMV, and deadbeat)

Professional Credentials

13 years controls experience (including 7 years process control software, 6 years real-time embedded control design of hardware and software, 6 years VisSim experience for modeling, analysis, controller design) MS Computer Science, Ohio State University

VisSim Projects Completed

  • Turbo-jet engine with digital engine controller
  • Automotive hydraulic cylinder and non-linear bang-bang controller
  • Electro-hydraulic servo current controller for embedded microcontroller