Single User License Installation Procedure

Before installing on Windows Vista, 7, or 8, be sure to disable User Account Control.
If you have an existing VisSim installation, you can install the VisSim program in the same directory and it will update files as necessary and preserve your existing models.

Installing a Single User License

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Insert your VisSim CD into the appropriate drive. If the setup installation program does not automatically start:
      a. Choose Start > Run.
      b. In the Run dialog box, click on the Browse button.
      c. Select setupxxx.exe from the CD.
    • Click on setupVisSimWeb90.exe for plain VisSim.
    • Click on setupVisSimEcdWeb90.exe for VisSim Embedded.
    • Click on setupVisSimCommWeb90.exe for VisSim Comm.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted to enter your serial number, enter the serial numbers for your base product and all add-on modules.

  3. When the installation is complete, run the VisSim License Manager to activate your license.

Installing Five or More Single User Licenses

If you are installing five or more single user licenses, follow the procedure below

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 in the "Installing a Single User License" procedure, above.

  2. Run the VisSim License Manager on each computer.

  3. Click on the ENABLE LICENSE button.

  4. Copy and paste the Computer ID and Code Entry number for each computer into a single email.

  5. Send the email to

You will receive a single license file that can be copied to each computer to activate the licenses.

Installing a Single User License with a Dongle

When you have a VisSim hardware protection key (dongle), you will need to install both VisSim and the VisSim dongle driver on each machine on which you want to run VisSim. Follow the procedure under "Installing a Single User License" (above) to install VisSim, and note the following:

  • If you installing VisSim from a CD, the installation of the dongle driver is part of the VisSim install.

  • If you are downloading and installing VisSim from our website, you must manually download and install the dongle driver. Please take a few minutes to download and install the dongle driver now by clicking here. You will need to choose Dongle Type: KEYLOK 2(USB w/Driver) and Installation Type: Standalone.

Regardless of whether you are installing VisSim from a CD or from our website, it is very important that you wait until prompted to insert the dongle during the installation procedure.

If you insert the dongle before running the dongle driver installer anyway, despite our warnings, and you accepted the default drivers from Windows, you will have to bring up the device manager, find the dongle in the USB controller list, remove the drivers, then rerun the VisSim dongle driver installer.

Updating a Dongle

You may upgrade the version of VisSim or activate additional add-ons for your dongle (USB hardware protection key) using the remote license procedure. To do so, make sure the dongle is inserted in your PC and VisSim is not running during each step below.

  1. Invoke the VisSim License Manager.

    • Make sure "Hardware Protection Key" is displayed in the license path.
  2. Click Request License Keys.

    • A Window containing your e-mail and Serial Number will pop-up.
    • Click Request License Keys.
  3. You will receive an email containing your activation code. Usually the email arrives within hours.

  4. Invoke the VisSim License Manager, if it is not still running.

  5. Click Enable License.

  6. Enter the activation code you received in step 3 and click OK.

  7. Exit the VisSim License Manager.

Contact Technical Support if you require further assistance.