License Transfer

There are three ways to transfer a VisSim license from one computer to another computer.

Transferring with a Dongle

If you have a dongle (USB hardware protection key), simply move the dongle to the new computer. You may have to install the hardware license key drivers on the new machine. This can be done by reinstalling VisSim on the new machine and selecting the hardware key install. Click here to download the hardware license key driver

Transferring with a USB Memory Stick

If you have a single-user license, you can transfer the license using a USB memory stick and the VisSim License Manager.

  1. On your old computer, click on Start > All Programs > VisSim 9.0 - Software > VisSim License Manager.

  2. Insert a USB memory stick.

  3. Click the Transfer License button.

    • A dialog box appears confirming you want to transfer your license. Click OK. In the next dialog box, select the drive letter of a USB memory stick. Click OK.
  4. Install VisSim on the new computer and insert the USB memory stick.

  5. Start the VisSim License Manager, as you did in step 1 and click the Transfer License button to complete the transfer operation.

Assisted Transfer Method

If you are not currently enrolled in the Software Maintenance program, a fee is applied to this procedure. To determine the fee, please contact before you initiate this procedure. In addition, you should install VisSim on the new computer before you begin this procedure.

  1. From your old computer, click on Start > All Programs > VisSim 9.0 - Software > VisSim License Manager.

  2. Click the Remove License button, then click OK.

  3. Click the Send Removal Codes button.

    • An email message is created with removal codes. Add an explanation for the license removal and send the email to
  4. At your new computer, run the VisSim License Manager and send a new license activation request. Once your removal codes (from step 3) have been verified, your license key code will be emailed to you.

  5. After you receive your license key code, run the VisSim License Manager and click the Enable License button. The Enable VisSim License dialog appears.

  6. Enter the license key code value (from step 4) in the text box under Response Key Values and click OK.