License Removal

If you need to transfer your license but you cannot use the recommended method(USB transfer) then you must send in removal codes before you try and activate the license anywhere else.

Removing your License

If you have a single-user license, you can remove the license using the VisSim License Manager.

  1. On your old computer, click on Start > All Programs > VisSim 9.0 - Software > VisSim License Manager.

  2. Click on the Remove License button.

  3. A dialog box appears confirming you want to remove your license. Click OK. A second dialog box appears containing two removal codes.

  4. Take a snapshot of the two removal codes or write them down on a piece of paper. Click OK.

  5. Start up your default email program and do the following:
    a. Create a new email message.
    b. Address the email to
    c. In the Subject line, type VisSim License Removal Codes.
    d. In the body of the text, insert the snapshot of the codes or type in the codes from step 4.
    e. Send the email.