VisSim for Motor Drives and Digital Power at PCIM in Nuremberg

Prof. Dr. ir. Duco Pulle, a member of TI's InstaSpin sensorless motor drive technology team, will be showing his VisSim based motor drives in the VisSim booth (Hall 7 - booth#515) at the Power Control and Intelligent Motion show at the Nuremberg Messe May 20-22. TI's InstaSpin code can also perform identification of key motor parameters like stator inductance and resistance. These parameters can change due to manufacturing variations and motor heating during use, so the ability to perform online identification is key to smooth sensorless control. We are inviting folks to bring their motors to have them identified and spun using InstaSpin sensorless FOC at the show. Note that we are limited to 24v, 15A motors due to show restrictions. A co-author of 2 previous books on motor drives, Prof. Pulle is currently co-authoring a book on model-based development of motor drives with Peter Darnell, president of Visual Solutions. The book will be published by Springer and is due out in July of this year.
We will also be showing the VisSim Digital Power block set, and demonstrating DC-DC buck/boost conversion on a TI kit. Attendees will also get a peek at the current state of the VisSim/Microgrid block set, an upcoming tool kit for simulation of microgrid elements and overall control.
Caspoc software for high fidelity simulation of analog power circuits will also be demonstrated.
Anyone wishing to see us at PCIM should email us to obtain a free guest pass.