VisSim at San Diego State University

Dr. George Mansfield of San Diego State University has been using VisSim as an important teaching aid for his ME550 controls course for years. With enrollment of about 80 controls students per year, VisSim is used along with VisSim/Analyze to introduce students to control concepts, Bode, Root Locus and Nyquist plots.VisSim is used to validate the designs of feedback controls systems developed throughout the semester. Topics covered include modeling, simulation, linearization, Laplace, transfer functions, block diagrams, linear feedback systems, frequency domain design techniques. Sample problems are constructed, modeled and reviewed in detail including a heat treatment oven, electro-mechanical position control, hydraulic/pneumatic theory and servo control, process level/pressure control and others.
George has graciously made some of his course notes and examples available in a zip file attached below. You must be signed in to see it and download it.