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Over 40 faculty and students from Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad attended a 2 day training course on VisSim model based development. The target hardware provided for the course is the TI Launchpad kit, based on the F28027. It comes with pin outs for ADC, PWM GPIO, comparator input, serial, I2C and SPI. Working with Trident Techlabs of India, VSI provided free trial software and 20 Launchpads for use during the course. This allowed hands on training for everyone. Topics covered include:

  • graphical task creation
  • task pre-emption
  • interrupt handlers
  • LED blinking
  • TI PWM configuration and usage
  • ADC configuration, triggering and usage
  • comparator setup and usage.

Comments from Attendees

This workshop is really excellent! This is the first workshop where I found every one was enjoying working, not a single guy was found sitting idle; till the end! Looking forward to more in the future. - Assoc. Prof and workshop coordinator M. Chakravarthy

Really good presentation. Very useful. - Dr. Sarma

Good presentation. I was able to follow clearly. - Asst. Prof. Swapna

Very much useful for EEE and ECE students. Especially in motor control and digital power. - Asst. Prof. Ramesh

Workshop was very useful. - Asst. Prof Satyavant

The presentation was good and organized well. - Asst. Prof. Hemantha

Presentation was good and interactive - Asst. Prof. Lakshmi

The way of presentation with examples and student practice is good. - Asst. Prof. Swetha

Good learning experience. - student M Tech Power, K Swetha

It was very useful. Unlike other software, VisSim makes it easy to create and debug programs. It will be a big advantage for our student projects. - student M Tech Power, G. Kumar

Glad to know how to control dynamic devices with this software. Good explanation given by speaker. - Student, D. Kumar

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Looking forward to more sessions with you people. - student, D. Rohan

Excellent workshop by Mr. Satyabrata. I learned a lot during the 2 days. VisSim is an excellent tool. - K. Kumar

Used in introductory and advanced courses

Introductory courses use VisSim for basic modelling and control, then go on to more complicated aspects such as cascade control and integral wind-up. In advanced courses the software helps students to understand and use aliasing, feedforward, MPC and IMC control. The software license is distributed to students, up to 140 at any one time, to ensure that simulations and notes can be shared effectively by everyone.

Very easy to use

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