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Software Maintenance is a one-year, renewable program that provides product upgrades and updates, technical support, license re-activation and a second one-year-timed license. The details of Software Maintenance are described below. All new VisSim licenses include one year of Software Maintenance. In order to purchase Software Maintenance for an add-on product, you must have Software Maintenance for the base product.

Product Upgrades and Updates

If you have active Software Maintenance, you are entitled to the bug-fix updates of the products for which you are licensed, as well as any version upgrades that occur during the term of the Maintenance period.

Technical Support

Technical support via email is provided to all VisSim customers; however, with active Software Maintenance, your technical support issues have a higher priority level. Technical Support engineers will respond to your issue within 24 hours. If you are not currently enrolled in the Software Maintenance program, the standard wait time for response is two weeks.

For commercial users with active Software Maintenance, telephone support is available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) 9 am - 6 pm EST/EDT. You can also e-mail to obtain technical support.

For academic users, technical support is limited to e-mail only.

License Re-Activation

License re-activation is part of the Software Maintenance program. Sometimes events occur that require license re- activation through a Visual Solutions technical support engineer. These events include:

  • Your hard drive crashed
  • You were moved to a new computer and your VisSim files were not properly transferred (that is, you or your IT department did not follow the free license transfer procedure)

If you are not currently enrolled in the Software Maintenance program, the following fees are applied:

  • Single User Licenses: There is a fee of $50 USD per incident + $50 USD per out-of-sync version.
  • Floating Network Licenses: There is a fee of $100 USD per incident + $100 per out-of-sync version.

To avoid these fees, you are encouraged to enroll in the Software Maintenance program. With active Software Maintenance, we provide license re-activation free of charge.

One-Year-Timed License

Software Maintenance provides a second license for the exclusive use of the corresponding perpetual license holder. This license has a one year expiration date. This license can be installed on your home computer or laptop,and remains active while Software Maintenance is active. If you choose NOT to renew Software Maintenance, the second license expires on the expiration date of the Software Maintenance.

The one-year timed license may only be used by the individual who has registered the product serial number.

Re-Starting Lapsed Software Maintenance

If your maintenance contract has been expired for over three months, an additional fee is applied to the cost of acquiring Software Maintenance on that product. The cost is 1.5x the normal cost of Software Maintenance to restart a lapsed Software Maintenance contract.

If a version upgrade is released after your Software Maintenance has expired, you cannot restart Software Maintenance until after you have purchased the upgrade. To add Software Maintenance to the upgraded product, you pay the regular price for Maintenance.