By using system identification techniques, VisSim/ModelWizard allows you to develop high-fidelity, dynamic models of process plant subsystems or components from real-time plant and historic data. Using VisSim/ModelWizard, process control engineers and technicians can easily create models for tuning controllers without spending days or weeks developing the models. System ID Process

VisSim/ModelWizard consists of a simple wizard interface combined with a set of sophisticated algorithms. The underlying algorithms identify the key frequencies of a system -- even in the presence of noise -- and generate a mathematical model of optimal order, or alternatively, of an order that you specified. VisSim/ModelWizard is designed to produce models for single input/single output (SISO) systems and is particularly well-suited for PID-controlled systems. These models can be easily configured with other VisSim blocks (for example, PID control blocks) to perform process simulation, off-line tuning (optimization), and operator training.


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