VisSim CAN Receive Dialog

VisSim/CAN connects the low-cost PCAN USB-CAN device (purchased separately) to the VisSim block diagram via receive/transmit blocks. VisSim/CAN gives you a low cost Controller Area Network (CAN) development interface. You can easily log data, plot, strip-chart or run a virtual plant or controller for model based development. To read or write CAN data from VisSim simply plug in the USB-CAN device (USB drivers will need to be installed the first time only), wire CAN Read and/or CAN Write blocks into a diagram and then click the Go button. You may transmit and receive from any number of different bus ID's in a single diagram. The CAN Read and CAN Write blocks let you read data from and write data to the CAN bus. Baud rate, data types and byte offset within the data packet can be quickly modified through the dialog boxes for these blocks. VisSim/CAN supports bus speeds of 1 MHZ, 500 kHz, and 250 kHz.

We selected VisSim/CAN software to help us develop inter-device CAN communication for our automated glucose measurement system. The software's graphical user interface made it easy to learn and use. The ability to control the packet size, CAN address, and interpret the size and type of data bytes within the packet, gave us all the flexibility we needed right out of the box. The USB hardware was convenient and easy to use too. It saved us a considerable amount of development time.
I highly recommend this software.

Adam Fettig
Software Engineer
Luminous Medical

Hardware Features

  • Low cost
  • Convenient - powered entirely by the USB connection
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Installs in seconds

Software Features

  • User selection of up to 8 distinct data types and offsets into the data packet
  • User-controlled transmit data length
  • Supports 11 and 29 bit identifiers
  • Masking allows "don't care" bits in receive address
  • Exchange data between VisSim and any CAN device
  • Optional byte swapping supports foreign architectures
  • Data types include signed and unsigned 1, 2, and 4 bytes integers, 4 and 8 byte floats
  • Display data exchange status
  • Connect to multiple CAN identifiers
  • Receive pin indicates receipt of message
  • Transmit enable pin controls transmit timing


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