VisSim v8 Expands Tool Chain with New UML Graphical State Chart Module


Westford, Massachusetts, March 21, 2011 - Visual Solutions Incorporated (VSI) announces the immediate availability of VisSim version 8, a product upgrade that introduces VisSim/State Charts, a new UML graphical state chart editor, in addition to many other enhancements.

VisSim/State Charts allows you to create, edit, simulate and generate embedded C code for state charts all within the standard VisSim environment. VisSim/State Charts provides:

  • OMG UML 2.1 Compliant
  • Simple, composite, and submachine states
  • Animation of transition state
  • Nested states
  • Parallel states
  • Single step simulation
  • Suspended and resumed states
  • Entry, exit, transition and “DO” actions using C syntax
  • Breakpoints for selected events
  • Logging of selected events and executed behavioral C code
  • ANSI C code generation

“Our goal at Visual Solutions is to help companies bring innovative and complex products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Visual Solutions CEO, Peter Darnell. “The new state chart module makes it easier than ever for engineers and scientists to design embedded systems that contain supervisory and high-level control logic.”

“We’ve been using a pre-release version of VisSim/State Charts and have seen bottom line benefits in our development cycle from day one,” said Mike Borrello, Systems Engineering Manager at Luminous Medical. “We’re currently using VisSim version 8 to design and test a new state machine for our glucose monitor. I was amazed at what a difference it made to use the new state chart editor. In only two weeks, we took our design from concept to a fully functioning system with hardware-in-the-loop. Without state charts, we wouldn’t have been able to effectively meet our deadline.”

VisSim version 8 also provides more visually intensive and customizable gauges. The new gauges incorporate features like dial color, transparency, and reflection to allow increased visibility and impact in your models. In addition, major and minor tick values, labels, and an editable sweep angle give you the flexibility to create more realistic dashboard and control panel gauges. All gauges are real-time in nature and can be connected to data sources that change rapidly.

Enhanced data set handling

  • Import and map blocks take text column headers in a data file and automatically put the column header on the corresponding output pin for the block. For large multi-column data sets, this greatly enhances readability.
  • Data export blocks support macro expansion in the header comment. This allows insertion of date and time, along with path and variable values into the header text of a data file.
  • Data export blocks have an auto email option for emailing zipped data sets to user-specified recipients. This allows remote monitoring and reporting.
  • Support of standard bitmap formats (.png, .gif, .jpg) for buttons and animations
  • Enhanced parsing of foreign data sets

New Real-Time Devices

Enhanced Embedded Development Support

  • Easy hyperlink creation to and from requirements documents to help meet DO-178B, SEAL and FDA embedded development guidelines
  • Graphical creation of device interrupt handlers
  • expanded support of TI embedded devices and peripherals, including F2806x Piccolo, Delfino, and CCS V4.

About Visual Solutions

Visual Solutions is the developer of VisSim, a graphical environment for the design, simulation, verification and implementation of control systems. Founded in 1989, Visual Solutions has helped thousands of companies world-wide bring complex products and systems to market quickly and efficiently. Engineers and scientists in industries like process, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, digital power, motor control, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications etc. rely on VisSim to enhance innovation and speed design and test cycles. For more information, visit


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