How to install VisSim

Installing VisSim Software

Software installation is a two part procedure. First you install the software; then you activate the license. There are two types of installations: single user installations and network installations. All installation instructions are online.

During the installation, you have the option of installing tutorials, sample models, and application briefs. We suggest you install all three.

Single User Installation

Follow these instructions if you are installing one or more individual licenses.

NOTE: If you are installing five or more licenses, the above URL also describes how to install multiple single user licenses.

Installing Single User License with a Dongle

Network Installation

Follow these instructions if you are installing on a server and client computers.

Installing Academic Auto Licensing Software

Perform these steps at each university-owned computer:

  1. Insert the CD,
  2. under Start > Run, type x:\setupVisSimxxx80.exe, where x: is the CD drive, and xxx is one of the following (Ecd, Comm, or removed)
  3. follow the on-screen installation instructions.