Which is better to use: Floating point or fixed point blocks?

I have a Delfino F28335 and it does floating point in the hardware. Which is better, fixed-point or floating point?

If you are targeting a fixed

If you are targeting a fixed point part, (like Piccolo) then using fixed point blocks is much faster. If it is a floating point part,(like Delfino) then use which ever you are more comfortable with. The fixed point blocks will run just as fast or faster on a floating point processor. Note that the motor control block set is fixed-point only, as are the peripherals like ADC and PWM. It may be easier to stay in fixed point even though it is a floating point processor.
If you choose to use floating point blocks, be sure to insert a fixed point conversion block between the floating point output and fixed point input pin of any fixed point blocks you connect to (like PWM).