What is "radix point" in VisSim?

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Please explain radix Point in VisSim fixed point blocks. Is it base or exponent to 2? I have a problem with converting value 1.32 to 1.16 is it correct to use convert block or not?

Radix point is the binary

Radix point is the binary equivalent of the decimal point in the VisSim/Fixed-point block set. In your example of 1.32 and 1.16, the radix point is 1 in both of them. This means that you have 1 bit of integer magnitude in a 16-bit and 32-bit word respectively. So the remaining bits are fractional. Because we use 2's complement notation, the top most bit is the sign bit. Yes, you can use a VisSim convert block to convert between different fixed point word sizes or radix points. What was your problem exactly?