VISSIM/ECD not finding CCS V3.3 installation

I am having CCS V3.3 installed on my PC with F2812 board and Spectrum digital XDS510PP emulator. I recently installed the trial version of VISSIM/ECD. I am having two issues:

  1. VISSIM/ECD is not finding CCS V3.3 installation.
  2. When i compiled F2812 Fullcompare PWM example through code gen tool. it did created the .out file.But when i tried run it on F2812 target.It gives TI Driver Error.
  3. Also I didnot find F2812 option in MCU config block.
  4. F2812 is working fine with CCS V3.3.

Kindly help on these issues.

only CCS v3.3 is installed on

  1. only CCS v3.3 is installed on my computer.still, it is not finding CCS installation.
  2. i am using Spectrum Digital XDS510PP JTAG Emulator which works on Parallel Port.
  3. If i want to configure clock scaling factor for High Speed and Low speed Peripherals for F2812, then what i have to do?

VisSim will find the highest

  1. VisSim will find the highest version of CCS that you have installed. So if you have both CCS v3.3 and CCS v4 or v5, VisSim will automatically select the higher version of CCS.
  2. Which JTAG do you have, USB or Parallel port?
  3. The MCU Config is only for the F280x series which is newer than the F281x series. You must use the Config found under Embedded > F281x > C28x Config..., however it is fixed at F281x as The F2811 has the same flash and RAM layout as the F2812, it is just missing the external memory interface.