VisSim/ECD install doesn't find TI CCS v4 install

As instructed, I installed CCS v4, then I installed VisSim/ECD. But during the install I got a warning that CCS had not been installed. What is the problem?

CCS v4 has stopped writing to the registry

The problem is that the most recent versions of TI CCS v4 do not enter the install path in the registry. In the past CCS v3 and early CCS v4 did so. To work around this problem, you may download the attached register repair applet which will let you enter he CCS v4 install path into the registry as in the past. You can then reinstall VisSim/ECD which will properly set up compile batch scripts and paths to the JTAG emulator drivers so that VisSim can download executable images to the target and allow interactive data exchange with the target.