VisSim/ECD compatibility with Windows 7 and TI CCS v4

I have to install VisSim in a demo mode for a customer. He will download it from your web site. I need some more information:

  • Does VisSim run with Windows 7?
  • he will use EVM DIM modules from TI (F2808)
  • he will use free version of CCS v4

We have not run this configuration. We run Windows XP with patches for old CCS version 3.1, so we need your help to get the right procedure:

  • URL for downloading CCS4
  • compatibility of VisSim 7

Hi Francois, VisSim 7 works

Hi Francois,

  1. VisSim 7 works fine with Windows 7.
  2. VisSim 7 works fine with TI DIMM form factor modules (including the on-board XDS100 JTAG emulator).
  3. CCS v4 works fine with current VisSim/ECD download.
  4. CCS v4 URL is
  5. Current VisSim v7 is compatible with CCS v4 (and CCS v3). You must install CCS first, before VisSim.

thank you for you excellent efficiency


Thank you for you excellent efficiency, because in fact, you are the customer support of TI for their interesting DSP. We do not get such good information in France.