VisSim With TI Davinci Code Processor

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Hi, i am New to Vissim forum. I would like to know, whether, Vissim supports any Davinci code Processors like Dm6437, Dm6446 processors of Texas intruments ?

At this time we do not

At this time we do not support DaVinci processors. We do support the C674x processor on the OMAP L-138 including the ePWM (c2000-like) on-chip modules. What application do you have in mind for the DaVinci processor?

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I am currently working with

I am currently working with Defence projects eg : tracking personalities. So i would like to integrate my VisSim s/w with my DM6446, to emphasis it in advance level. So let me know any modules available for this scenario.

Similarly, I am intended for solar energy applications, So any modules available for this kind ?

Does it support any ARM modules ?

Awaiting for the response.


If by "tracking

If by "tracking personalities" you mean image analysis, we do not have much support for video image analysis at this time. We do have a lot of support for digital power/solar energy applications. The TI C2000 family is commonly used for this application, and we have deep support for the entire C2000 family. We also have support for the ARM Cortex M3 in Beta test right now.