VisSim error message "TI driver error -1047, PTI_ERR_EMU_CLOSE"

I'm using VisSim with a F280x eZdsp emulator connected to an F2808. The emulator is working fine with CCSv4. When I try to run the example "exemple f2808-d" model I get the following error message: "TI driver error -4037 . Any ideas please? Thanks in advance!

TI Driver Error 100 ? -Reg

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am using eZdspTMS320F2812. I will download the program through JTAG PP emulator and using Vsim7. While i start to run i am getting the error of TI Driver Error-100?. Can you anyone please help me to rectify the issue. I am waiting for your valuable suggestion. Thanking You

Rajin M Linus

Are you using a USB or

Are you using a USB or parallel port interface to the emulator?

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I am connecting the emulator through parallel port.

Rajin M Linus

What version of CCS are you

What version of CCS are you using? Can you connect with CCS directly?

Re:TI Driver Error 100 ? -Reg

I am using CCS 3.3. I can connect the CCS directly with traget. No problem in that. When try to interface through VISSIM , the error message in VISSIM is TI driver error 100?. and CCS also showing some error commends. Thank you for your efforts

Rajin M Linus

If you also have a newer

If you also have a newer version of CCS installed, VisSim will try to use it. We have noticed that newer versions of CCS have troubles with the parallel port emulators. You can force VisSim to use CCS 3.3 by editing the file \windows\vissim.ini Search for [F280XDSP] and add the following line :

Then restart VisSim

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Thank you for you immediate reply. Can i know what is new version. i am having the CCSv3.3.As you said i have done it as follows windows\Vissim(Configuration settings)[F281xDSP] \ last line of [F281xDSp] added CCSv3=1 After that i restarted the vissim. Then the error is as follows

Under Vissim/ECD TI Driver Error -100,? Click Ok Then again under Vissim/ECD

If target has lost power, restart VISSIm. I am in unable to rectify the issue.

Rajin M Linus

TI driver error-1142, PTI_ERR_QUAL

Hello I have a eZdspTMS320F2812 card with socket when I tray to connect there are the followin error

With VisSim 7 Target read MBOX_IN failed Download failed: Check config for correct target number

with VisSim 8 TI driver error -1142 PTI_ERR_QUAL With eZdspTMS320F2812 card without socket, there are not any problem Best regards , thanks in advance Damian

Damian, Sorry to say, but if

Sorry to say, but if it works fine on one board but not on the other, then likely the board is bad. Can you try a new CPU in the socket? You can get new CPUs from TI for free by ordering samples from their web site.

You must select the Blackhawk

You must select the Blackhawk emulator in the target configuration dialog. If you are running vissim 7, then the config dialog is found under menu item:
VisSim/DSP > F280x > DSP Config...
If you are running VisSim 8:
Embedded > F280x > MCU Config...

Then choose Blackhawk under JTAG Connection. The diagram you mention defaults to USB XDS100, so you must change this to avoid an error message.

Already selected

Thanks, but I had already selected "Blackhawk USB2000" in the MCU Config window. The error message is the same.

Richard, It turns out that

Richard, It turns out that the BH-USB2000 interface changed recently. This required a change to a support file. It has been updated in the VisSim ECD install, but you can download the attached .dat file (you must be logged in to see it) and copy it to your \vissim80\cg\lib\brdDat directory instead if you like.

That's great. It works fine

That's great. It works fine now - thanks very much for your help.