Using gfortran to build user functions

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I've been gfortran to build simple user functions in a dll's (actually simple user functions which call complex functions in legacy fortran code)

At the moment I have created just the main step function such as a simple example below.

I have some complex things working really well and I have got a long way just using this.

subroutine test1(param, insig, outsig)
!* input(s): insig(1) = Input 1
!* insig(2) = Input 2
!* output(s): outsig(1) = Result
!* parameters: param(1) = Not Used
real*8 :: param(1), insig(2), outsig(2)
integer :: i
outsig(1) = (insig(1) + insig(2))/2.0
end subroutine

and built it with ...

gfortran -shared -fno-underscoring test1.f90 -o test1.dll

... and it works well.

However, when I add the further subroutines to the library e.g. test1SS to do some initialisation on the first step (at the moment I am passing in the step count as a parameter and using this to trigger initialisation) or try to create some parameters for the block I get stuck. It seems that although the functions are in the dll, VISSIM does not recognise them.

Does anyone have a working example in gfortran they can show me were they have done such things?

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Hi Rachel, Please post the

Hi Rachel,
Please post the testSS function that is causing problems. It should work OK.

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Hi Pete, Thanks very much

Hi Pete,

Thanks very much for your reply.

After messing around with it a bit more gave up and switched to writing the user functions in C and then calling the FORTRAN from these. It proved easier than I though it would as I could use the TANK32 as an example. So I have a working example now.