Trouble in running the .out file in Code composer studio version 3.1


I am using the 2 month trial version of VisSim/ ECD v8.0 for designing controller that will work on TI , ezDSP TMSF2812 (Rev. C). I have developed the model in Vissim using the Fixed point tool set and have also successfully debugged it using the Vissim communication interface. I now want to download the code so that I can run it independently on the target. Please can you let me know the steps I need to follow in order to run the code independently on the target.

I tried selecting the Code Gen.. option in Vissim without " Include Vissim communication Interface" , generated the code, compiled it and then clicked on the download button. As result of this I saw download complete verification appearing on screen. Now when I open the code composer studio , create a project and click on BUILD option I see " Compilation failure 1 error , 0 warnings 1 fatal error detected in compilation: couldnot open source file " cgen.h"

Please can you guide me on the procedure I need to follow in order to succesfully run the project in Code composer studio using the source code generated by Vissim.

Another point that I would like to mention here is that , in your ECD guide you have talked about some Vissim CCS PLUG-IN. The plug-in should works fine with any 3.x version of code composer studio.I installed Vissim after I installed CCS V 3.1 on my PC but when I open the code composeer studio I donot see any lower window pane with Vissim logo appearing on the side ( as shown on page 198 of your VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer User's Guide version 8.0). Do i need to download this VISSIM CCS plug-in in order to successfully open the vissim generated files in Code Composer studio. If that is the case please can you give me the link for its download as I donot see it on the Download page of your website.

Thanks Sabrina

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Hi Sabrina, Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you are already set to do what you want. When you clicked the download button and got "download complete", you had successfully downloaded the code it was running independently just as you desired. If you want to burn it to flash so that it runs on power up, then make sure to check the option target flash in the codegen dialog before you click the compile button. Then start Code Composer and use the Flash Tool to burn the .out file to flash.
If you want to use the VisSim code in a Code Composer project (note well that there is no need to do this, only if you like mucking about in C code and Code composer should you bother) then in Code Composer select Tools > VisSim > Create VisSim Project and you will see the screen as in the VisSim ECD guide.

Trouble in running the .out file in Code composer studio version

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply and I have run the system based on your suggesstion and it is working fine. thanks once again. Sabrina