TI driver error -100

I'm attempting to run VisSim ECD with a ezDSP2812 board through a parallel port emulatator. When I try to download an example program I get a message "TI driver error -100, ?". I set the DSPconfig JTAG connection to F2812eZdsp but I'm not really sure about the other values. Any ideas?

Solution ???

I think the problem might have been with the program I was attempting to download. I tried a different sample program and it appears to be working. Thanks.

Make sure to download the latest VisSim version

You have done the right thing to configure the JTAG connection in F281x > DSP Config... The latest download has some enhanced error reporting to diagnose JTAG issues. You can download the latest version from here. Do not uninstall your current version, simply run the install and it will update needed files.

new version, new error

Now I am getting a message -2083, TRG_ERR_COM_EMUNAME.

Congratulations, we've never

Congratulations, we've never seen that error before. Which version of CCS are you using? Are you connected via parallel port to the F2812 eZdsp? Can you connect with CCS?


I'm running CCS v4. Quick question, am I supposed to be running CCS and connected to the target while I download the program from VisSim?

You must exit CCS before VisSim can use the JTAG

CCS is a JTAG hog, and won't allow other apps to use it until it exits. VisSim is more civilized and only uses the JTAG during a download or debug run. I guess your error message is TI's way of saying "JTAG in use by other app"