Storing Parameters to Flash Memory C2000


I am willing to set PID variables and system variables using RS232 communications. Target is Piccolo28027 or Piccolo 28069. A buck current controller is running. PI loop is running for control. Additionally, duration, amplitude, PI constants, etc. need to be set time to time. I have added an RS232 port, to set and read those variables whenever required.

Problem: How should I store those variables into flash?

  1. Should I write an external function, create an obj file and access through extern write function blocks?
  2. Is there any block, or tool in VisSim ECD to use?
  3. Should I better use extern blocks or "Call from Foreign RTOS" and wrote my code under CCS?
  4. There is and example of extern function block usage in "Chip Temperature on F28069" diagram. How and where do they refer to the functions such as "ADCCTL1" or "EDIS"? I could not find any details of accessing those kind of functions in user fuides or help file. Documentation tells that .obj files should be created and addressed under .bat file. However, the example does not work that way, I suppose.

Any advise would be edifying. Regards, Adnan Kurt

PS. Sharing any piece of example diagram or code regarding the use of external C-code integration would also be appreciated.