Sampling rate of target interface and system properties

Hi Anders:

How does sampling rate of target interface affect the system performance or CPU utilization and on what basis system properties like start, end and time step has to be set.

Regards, MALA

In any controller, the sample

In any controller, the sample rate is key to system performance. The I and D coefficients of a PID, and digital filter coefficients are dependent on sample rate. If you sample faster or slower than the design rate, the coefficents will need to be adjusted for the new rate. Closed loop system response is also dependent on sample rate as well. Generally, the controller behavior will get worse with a slower sample rate, and it is likely that the system can not be controlled below a certain rate. The faster you sample, the more CPU usage you will see. So you will have to balance sample rate with controller complexity.
The sample rate for embedded systems is taken from the Time Step parameter in the System Properties dialog. The Time Start and Time End parameters are ignored for embedded target code generation. They only apply to simulations.