sampling for Ramp32

how to set a sampling for Ramp32 (C2000)?



QEP dependency on time step

I am using QEP module to sense the speed using JENCODER speed sensor. I am finding it strange that QEP output is changing with respect to time step when i am trying to compile the file and see the output in HIL simulation file. When the time step is small (3000Hz) the QEP is getting saturated at 0.5 value. When time step is 20000Hz the QEP is shooting through value of 1 for very low speed. QEP is giving linear response from 0 to 1 only when I am keeping time step to be 10000Hz. I am also attaching the complete file for reference. I would be glad if someone point me out why the QEP module behaviour is changing with respect to timestep and how to make QEP behaviour independent of time step.

Hi Andrew,You should be

Hi Andrew,

You should be able to set the frequency in the compound block within Ramp32 as in the image attached.
In this case the $timestep is the simulation step time accessible in the System-> System Properties Menu and the frequency as you read in this case is 60 Hz.

Hope this helps


Sreeram Mohan