Realtime data exchange


Currently I'm working on a developing a motor controller on a Texas Instrument F28069M Launchpad. For this I'm following along with the book "applied control electrical drives" by Veltman et al. And everything seems to work perfectly when using VisSim's communication interface as in the examples.

I would however like to be able to distribute the final controller without the need for VisSim while still allowing to set variables/set-points. Also I would like to log some data from the embedded device to the host without the need for VimSim. What would be the best approach to achieve this while developing in VisSim?

I've attached two example files from the book that currently use the described communication interface. Hope to hear from you.

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Hi Tobias, The Launchpad you

Hi Tobias, The Launchpad you are using has a CAN transceiver, so you can log data using CAN. VisSim has CAN read and CAN write blocks which allow you to control the datatypes send in an 8-byte CAN packet. So you could send 4 16-bit fixed point values or 2 32-bit floats/fixed-points or single bytes or any combination you like. Regards, Pete