Q format and P.U value


What is the Q format followed in VisSim 8.0 version with TMS320F28062 piccolo controller selection. how do i know whether fixed point format is enabled or floating point and how to determine the P.u Values based on motor parameters like Ke=28mV/RPM and R=2mOhm.

Regards, MALA

Thank you anders

Thank you anders

All processors have fixed

All processors have fixed point capability. Some MCU's, like F2806x also have an FPU for hardware floating point. Standard VisSim blocks all support floating point. The VisSim fixed-point block set will simulate and generate code for fixed-point, which can run on any MCU.
If you look at the Wiki page on fixed-point arithmetic, VisSim uses the fxm.b notation in which m represents integer magnitude bits and n is word length. For example, fx4.16 describes a number with 4 magnitude bits and 12 fractional bits in a 16 bit word. Fixed-point blocks like fxConst or fxGain will give you the range of representable numbers for a given fixed-point format.