PWMs conflict with CAN


I found EPWM7A on TMS320F28062 is shared with Pin82,94 and 41. EPWM8A is shared with Pin1 and 40. As per our schematic EPW7A is on pin 82 and EPWM8A is on Pin1, Pin 40 and 41 are assigned for CAN communication and pin 94 is left open. When I try to debug six step control on right motor drive section: I do not observe PWM signals at pin 82 and pin1 and is on pin40 and 41 which is assigned for CAN communication. How do I configure them.

EPWM7A EPWM8A Pin82 Pin1 Pin94 Pin40 Pin 41

Regards, MALA

Hi Mala,You must select the

Hi Mala,

You must select the proper MUX setting to get PWM7A on pins 82 and PWM8A on pin 1. Notice that pin 82 corresponds to GPIO40 and pin 1 corresponds to GPIO42.
To set mux in VisSim: right click EPWM unit 7 and select GPIO40 in the top GPIO dropdown (on row for A output) under "Action Qualifier". right click EPWM unit 8 and select GPIO42 . Next time you compile you will notice PWM signals on pin 82 and 1 as desired.

Regards, Pete

Updating VisSim Embedded

Updating VisSim Embedded developer S/w to latest version. did solve the problem. PWM's can be configured as per the requirement.