Problem faced with F2812 and XDS510PP Emulator

I am facing problem with F2812 kit with Spectrum digital Parallel port emulator.I am not able to run any project on F2812. Can somebody guide me, How to create a PWM project for F2812?.

I am facing following issues in creating a debug diagram like 1)In F281x block library, there is no MCU config block. 2) In MCU config block for F280X, there is no option for F2812. I tried to drag C28X block from F281x block library but it is not coming.

when i excute the debug diagram without any MCU config block, then TI driver error message flashes.Also,

Looks like there was a

Looks like there was a problem with the support for F2812 and parallel port JTAG. Engineering tells me that they have fixed this in in an updated download. Login, download and install ECD again. Do not uninstall, as that will terminate any trials.