problem with debuging

Hi , I am still new in using the vissim software and I have downloaded the trial version and now I am trying to run the 'Blink launchpad F28027' example on my launchpad but it did not work , I think that the problem is with compiling ,but I am not sure, by the way I have code composer studio v5.2 on my pc , I have attached the compiler command file , could any body tell me whether the problem from compilation or not and what would be the solution ,thanks in advance

Hi Moha, It looks like it

Hi Moha, It looks like it compiled fine. There were a few warnings due to the v5.2 compiler, but nothing that should affect the running of your program. I'm guessing you checked the "Include VisSim Communication" option and then used the "download" button. Checking the "Include VisSim Communication" option means that the resulting .out file can only be run from the "targetInterface" block in VisSim. The download button in the Codegen screen is for downloading standalone programs that did not have "Include VisSim Communication" option checked when compiled. As shipped, the blink example is meant to be compiled standalone (leave "Include VisSim Communication" unchecked) and directly download the out file to the target to see a blinking LED. When you check "Include VisSim Communication", compile and download using the "download" button, your program will wait on the target for a handshake with VisSim to begin the debug session which will never come. So no LEDs will blink. Just recompile with the option unchecked, download, and admire the blinking. Look at the embedded movies here to see how to best use the debug interface.