Problem with ACI motor Simulation

hi, i'm using ACI motor Simulation block to simulate ACI at frequency 50Hz, the speed calculations is 3000 RPM ( with P=2, n=120f/P=120*50/2=3000rpm ), but i connect output Speed output (rpm) to scope it only show 1200RPM. my diagram is below. why it don't show speed 3000 rpm?

The ACI motor you used is from TI

You are using the TI simulated ACI motor which we compile and provide as a block, but it is supported by TI. Please find the TI ACI.pdf attached explaining the TI simulated ACI block operation.

I have attached a simulation using VisSim/Motion blocks that give you a result closer to your expected response (2800 RPM) You will need VisSim/ECD or VisSim/Motion installed to run the simulation.