port to ARM processor

VisSim is already with block for msp430 and ti dsp c2000... Have you a roadmap to port or make block controls available to ARM "cortex3 in particular" processors ? or i need to make my own blocks with a custom insert : c-coder, matlab, mathcad... thanks you.

beta for arm


I am also interested in becoming beta tester as well

ARM support

Hi Sabino, Good question. We currently have the TI Stellaris ARM Cortex M3 in the development queue. Would you like to be a Beta tester? You can use our current code generator with generic target support with ARM Cortex or any other target. Choose the "Make Callable from User App" option in the Codegen Dialog box.


Beta tester

Shure, i`m interested, Stellaris ARM is a good option ... let me order a board and samples to be ready to test with this processor... thank you.