PMSM open loop control using F28035 ControlCard - dspInterface block execution problem


I am trying to run an example of open loop control of PMSM included with TI Motor & PFC Developer's Kit. Diagram is very simple, but I cannot understand problems which constantly occures. When I tryed to run only simulation (without using dspInterface block), I just started simulation, then motor started producing noise but didn't rotate, like it is stoped. I connected oscilloscope to PWM_A, PWM_B and PWM_C. So PWM signals are presented.

Then, I compiled and downloaded .out file on processor. When I started real-time simulation using dspInterface block I got error (something like "MBOX_IN failed", something about receiving data from processor) which I don't know how to solve. The same error occures always when I use dspInterface block in real-time operation (execution on chip) in all examples I have tryed.

Did anyone experience problem like mine? How to solve it?

Thank you

Problem solved. Changing of

Problem solved. Changing of oscillator source was necessary (External->Internal). Thank you.