Please explain the C-code addon

Can you explain the capabilities of the C-Code addon? I don't understand all of the requirements for the c-code gen. After compiled, will it run as a stand-alone windows application? Are special libraries required? Can MS Visual Studios compile this c-code? Is it only designed for target downloads to various controllers?

How to call VisSim module from .Net

I want to call VisSim Module from .net application. Help me out.


The C-Code addon enables

The C-Code addon enables VisSim to generate ANSI C code from a diagram. You can generate code to run standalone or as an addon DLL for the PC or as a debug process on an embedded target. You can also generate standalone programs that can run under DOS or on TI embedded targets. The embedded targets support flash configuration so that the resulting programs can be burned to flash and executed automatically on device power up.
The generated C code may call some functions to perform operations like table lookup, numerical integration, matrix inverse etc. These functions are found in the C-Code support library. The C-Code addon includes a support library that has been precompiled for a specific target. The target can be:

  • Windows PC (supports MSVC version 6 through 2010)
  • Texas Instruments C2000 including Delfino and Piccolo (supports Code Composer v3 & 4)
  • Texas Instruments MSP430 (supports IAR Embedded Workbench)
  • x86 QNX (supports gcc)
  • x86 Linux (supports gcc)

For a Windows target, MSVC version 6 through 2010 are supported.