msp430 simulation error

i tried to simulate the blink led program in msp430g2211, i have attached the image of the error i got. please tell me the steps how could i dump my codes in the TI hardware's i have VISSIM 8.0 , IAR workbench msp430 v6 , and ccs v4.2 installed in my PC. i am not able to compile the file in CCS it compiles in iar workbench for msp430. It is not able to create the .out file either

Unable to generate .OUT File for MSP430 using Vissimv9 and CCSv6


Am facing an issue regarding MSP430 with vissim. Am unable to generate .out file. Can anybody tell the procedure to fix it. Also share me the procedure to link CCSv6 with licensed vissim.

Regards Nayeem Sk

I found the problem

The location of ccs was not given wrong in linker file, I changed that. Next part is I was not able to use ccs compiler for msp430 for that I have replaced the contents in msp430cl.bat file with the contents in ccs bat file Now the problem is ok , I am able to download the code to msp 430 Thank to all who have posted questions and answers related this topic earrlier