Dear Vissim experts,

I have few questions related to MSP430 Launchpad kit and other subjects,

1- I can't find any segment LCD block for G series processors which come with the kit. There are few examples for segment LCDs but they are for F449 board only and I guess we can't use them for other processors. By the way segment display is something different than LCD AFAIK. Do you also have any LCD blocks for character or graphic LCD (except the ones for Daystar or Wirz LCD blocks)

2-There is little information on the web about your embedded control part. For example the meanings of warnings or errors and how to fix them when we use the IAR compiler (in Vissim version 7 we can't use CCS compiler for MSP430 but in ver.8 we can. Is there any update for ver.7?) Also I can't find any help library inside Vissim for Embedded parts (it tries to find a .chm file)

3-I plan to use more complicated board like TI F28x series. But for power electronics part, are we restricted to only Piccolo boards? For example I want to develop my own chopping circuit and use it with the F2812 board. Then what do I need to do or know in order to implement it?


Thanks a lot for the reply

Mr Anders is it possible to use the output pins of MSP430 board for segment display? How can I do that in Vissim? If not using Vissim, then is it possible to use Simulink, then include it in vissim? On the other hand I use Simulink- "DSP builder" to program Altera FPGAs. Is it also possible to include Vissim diagrams in Simulink to be included in DSP builder? Actually I'm a beginner for Vissim and I need to find a detailed instructional document teaching the transition between Vissim and Simulink. For LCD part, I have graphical LCD like in this link:
But it could be any LCD block to control 2x12 character type LCD since most control types are similar for them.

By the way I couldn't see any block for G2553 chip which comes with Launchpad too.

It is possible to drive a

It is possible to drive a segment display using MSP430 GPIO pins. It is a bit tricky since the pins need to be toggled at over 60Hz. VisSim lets you easily drive GPIO pins using the digital in/digital out blocks in the MSP430 target support. While Simulink .mdl files can be imported to VisSim, the reverse is not available. However, the LCD in your link is not a segment based LDC but a raster based display. It looks like it takes 8 data pins and a r/w strobe. That is easy to do in VisSim as you can set up an 8 bit port as a single digital out block with bit width=8 for the data and use another digital out for the r/w strobe. It is also easy to make your LCD driver a background task simply by checking a box and choosing a run rate in the subsystem dialog box for your driver.
There is no "G2553" block, instead you choose the G2553 CPU subtype under the Embedded > MSP430 > MSP Config... option

Mr. Anders I have tried to do

Mr. Anders I have tried to do this but failed.I'd be very happy if you can post the schematic. It will also lead me to do the LCD part too. Also I can't find G2553 chip name when configuring "MSP config" part. Is there any support for this chip?

Maybe you should download

Maybe you should download again. The value line support was recently updated. Here is a screen shot showing my config with G2553 support:
MSP430 Config.
Two demo diagrams to flash the LED on the LaunchPAD are attached.

cant interface 7 segment lcd with msp430g2553

hii sir.. i am just simplly trying to connect 7 segment lcd with my msp430g2553 launchpad, but it show the error"undefined first referenced symbol" =>identifier "p5sel" is iundefined identifier "btctl" is iundefined identifier "bt_flcd_divg" is iundefined identifier "lcdctl" is iundefined identifier "lcd4mux" is iundefined identifier "lcdson"is iundefined identifier "lcdon" is iundefined identifier "lcdm1" is iundefined

how to solve this error thanking you


Yogesh, the MSP430G2553 part

Yogesh, the MSP430G2553 part does not have support for the 7 segment LCD driver. Only the F4x, F5x and F6x parts have built-in LCD support. Do you have a separate LCD display device? Are you communicating via serial or toggling GPIO pins directly?

hi sir i am toggling gpio pin

hi sir i am toggling gpio pin directly...


I'm sorry that I forgot to

I'm sorry that I forgot to mention V7.0 doesn't have G2553 chip.(That's the version I use) On the other hand I had tried to do the " the pins need to be toggled at over 60Hz." part with no success. I have already done blinking the led example on Launchpad. Somehow driving an external seven segment display is important part for me. If you can help me at that point I'd be happy.

Thanks in advance

Good questions. As you

Good questions.

  1. As you guessed, our segment LCD block supports the LCD and LCD_A peripherals found on the MSP430 4xx series parts. The support includes character and number translation for both 7 segment and 14 segment displays. Support is built-in for the Softbaugh SBLCDA2, SBLCDA4 and SBLCDA8 displays. The TI value line is limited to MSP430 G2xxx series only, and no LCD peripheral is found on those devices. As you noticed, we do support serial I/O to LCD's like Daystar or Wirz. If you have a different serial LCD you like better, let us know and we will look at adding support for it.

  2. Yes, our version 7 only supported the IAR compiler, but our latest v8 supports both IAR and CCS. There will be no changes to the v7 support.

  3. We fully support the TI 2000 line including F281x and F280x, Piccolo, Delfino and soon Concerto. Because on-chip peripherals are completely different for the F281x vs F280x/Piccolo/Delfino, the F281x Embedded Target Support is a separate add-on. To move between Piccolo and F2812 diagrams, you just need to swap out peripheral blocks like ADC and PWM. All other algorithmic blocks remain unchanged. Same with MSP430.
    Our digital power designer set for high fidelity simulation and embedded control design and implementation only supports Piccolo PWM, comparator and ADC units.