Message of error: TI DRIVER ERROR -1041, PTI_ERR_EMU_CNTLR. I can not download it to PICCOLO F28069


I was testing the door TRIP ZONE protection (F28069), but I think I put a voltage above 3.3 V. After I could no longer download the program for the Target and an error message appears:

                            TI DRIVER ERROR -1041, PTI_ERR_EMU_CNTLR.

What is this error? which means? My TARGET burned? It seems he did not burn, because the LED still lights up when I plug in USB.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Marcel, but it sounds like you burnt your target. The piccolo parts are sensitive to over voltage. 5v is enough to fry it. A sure way to tell is if the board is hot to the touch or smells funky.


Hello, thanks Anders89.

This error is communication? There was a protection system that Target was activated and he is not communicating with the computer (USB)? It seems to me that Target (Control Stick) did not burn, but are you sure you burned?

Error message when download: TI DRIVER ERROR -1041, PTI_ERR_EMU_CNTLR

That error means that the

That error means that the JTAG emulator can't communicate with the F28069 target. It is a good sign if the board is not heating up. Another reason that the JTAG will not communicate is if you have a Code Composer Debug Session active. Only one active link to JTAG is allowed at a time. Another thing to try is to connect via CCS. If both VisSim and CCS fail to communicate it is a good bet that the board is fried.