Is it possible to have access to eCAP register with VisSim


I want to read an optical fork mounted on a drive shaft with VisSim, and I want to estimate speed and position of the drive shaft. Using eCAP I can have access to the time between two rising edges of the fork signal, which gives me the speed (I use VisSim F280X eCAP module, which works well). Having access to the eCAP register would allow me to directly estimate the position (angle).

Is it possible to have access to the eCAP register with VisSim, and how ? I put some details in the attached drawing, to explain what eCAP register means for me.


Alix, The eCAP module

Alix, The eCAP module produces an eCAP register value at each output pin. There are 4 capture registers, one for each of the 4 events. However, you can reference any eCAP register using the VisSim extern read/write blocks as described here.
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