interrupt for the CAN interface


I have a question, it is possiple to use an interrupt for the CAN interface.

Thanks for the answer.

Good question. We are

Good question. We are currently working on this, but it is not yet released. We can put you on the Beta test list. Which interrupts do you want to handle?

Hi, thanks for the


thanks for the answer. We want use the Mailbox interrupts and the System Error interrupts (Bus-off interrupt, Error-passive interrupt).

Please fix another bug in the next release, in the function ecan_bus_rec_init(), which is used in the #define CHECK_CAN_REC_ADDR() for set the address dynamically. The registers CANME and CANMD are set by default in your main function to 0xFFFFE186 and 0xFFFF0000 which is correct. After this function the both registers have e.g. the value 0x4000E186 and 0x40000000. This is not OK, because the mailboxes above 16 will be disabled. We want use several CAN Receive blocks with dynamically address, which mailbox number is higher as 16.