I want to spin a PMSM motor with F28335 and DMC550. Can you do it?

Hi I've just received a TMS320F28335 eZkit with DMC550 card. I would like to run a program to simply make a brushless motor turn. I've seen you have example VisSim diagrams for f2812 and f2808 target but is there one for f28335?

Regards Joe

Yes we can!

One of the great things about VisSim is how easy it is to switch targets. You can switch among all F280x, F282x, F283x, F2803x, F2802x, F2801x targets simply by selecting menu item VisSim/DSP > F280x > DSP Config...
In the resulting dialog box, select your target CPU from the dropdown list, CPU system clock, crystal multiple, and JTAG target link (as configured in CCS setup).
So you can start with any of the diagrams accessible from the menu VisSim/DSP > F280x > Examples > Digital Motor Control > PMSM31* These PMSM31 diagrams are taken from descriptions in a TI document you can download here: http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders/print/sprc197.html
This document steps you through motor control construction with block diagrams. The block diagrams from the document are realized in VisSim. The VisSim generated code will spin the motor in open-loop ramp rate mode, encoder sensed FOC mode, and sensorless FOC mode.

VisSim diagrams also support the new TI Motor Control Kit ($369 and includes JTAG and motor). You can read about the kit and download the diagrams from here