I switched from XDS100 to XDS510 JTAG Emulator and now I get "TI Driver Error 100"

You must select the new JTAG in the DSP Config... dialog

You need to select the new JTAG connection in the DSP Config... dialog
You access it from the VisSim menu VisSim/DSP > F280x > DSP Config..., then, under "JTAG connection" change from XDS100 to XDS510.

However, there appears to be some problem when using the XDS510USB JTAG emulator with the F28035 and TI Motor Control Kit. Even when jumpered to use an external JTAG, there are problems establishing a connection in our labs. The base level experimenter board with F28035 works fine with the XDS510USB if the toggle switch is not in the USB position.