i can't set deadband with full compare PWM

hi, i has i proplem with Full compare PWM, i has choose use deadband and choose deadband tick count = 10, but when i compile and run on 2812, i don't see deadband. this diagram and picture is below. can you hepl me?

i has compile and load to DSP

i has compile and load to eZdsp R2812. then i conect two pin 9 (PWM1) and pin 10(PWM2) on eZdsp with Oscilloscope ( common GND is pin 19) but i don't see deadband? what's problem?

Did you really compile or just hit the go button?

VisSim has a feature that allows you to click the "Go" button and download a special .out file for I/O purposes only. All computation is still done on the PC. Deadband on the PWM is not supported in this case.

To compile your diagram, select the top level "FC PWM" compound block and perform Tools > Codegen with "Include VisSim Communication Interface" selected. Then save the diagram to a "-d" suffixed version and replace the "FC PWM" compound block with a DSPInterface block. This is only done once. - Now click "Go" for the debug model and the DSPInterface block will download the .out file created by Codegen. You may now provide values to the target via the input pins of the DSPInterface block using the slider and button. You can also plot monitor buffer output in a plot block to get digital scope response of internal signals on the target.