I am putting a 1 kHz sin wave to the ADC on F2812 eZdsp but don't see it in VisSim

I am clocking my VisSim diagram at 5 kHz, but when I plot it in VisSim I don't see the 1 kHz wave form I am sending to the ADC via my signal generator. Why is that?

The JTAG is the problem

The JTAG is only capable of 100-400Hz (depending on the type), so it can only send waveforms of 50-200Hz to the PC by the Nyquist sampling limit. However, VisSim monitorBufferWrite blocks allow data capture directly to the target RAM at the designed sample rate of the VisSim diagram (5 kHz in your case), then in VisSim on the PC the monitorBufferRead block will read the entire buffer into a vector which can be displayed in the plot as a digital scope. This is explained in more detail in our on-line video.