how to know how much program memory is used by the DSP?

Hello, I'm trying to compare between CCS and vissim about memory to be used on DSP after compiler program. example: my program is control open loop AC motor use V/f, and i see %CPU usage. now i want to see how much ram memory on dsp is used.

Good question!

There are 4 types of memory:

Memory Type Description Location
Program the executable code + constants (initialized data)    flash or RAM
Data variable storage (uninitialized data) RAM
Stack local variables kept on the function stack RAM
Heap dynamic memory RAM

All are allocated at compile time, but stack and heap are used during your program execution and the exact amount used can't be determined until your program is running. To see how much flash+RAM you are using, select Download in the Tools > Codegen... dialog, then click Coff Info.... At the bottom of the window you will see the summary of memory use.
To determine stack and heap usage, select VisSim/DSP > -your target- > Probe Target.... You can adjust the stack and heap allocation in the Code Gen.. dialog based on the results of the report.