How to generate complement PWM signals from single ePWM block

hello all,

i am not able to generate complimentary PWM signals in unit 1 (GPIO 0 & GPIO 1) when i try to observe in oscilloscope . Here i have attached image of ePWM unit block settings. Please let me know how can i generate complimentary signals from single ePWM block.

I have the same problem and

I have the same problem and have the same settings, I can only get complimentary out on GPI01 if I set the EPWMB output to use CMPA. What Anders says is what is in the picture, if you move the switches over the the CMPB register it works. But then that's pretty pointless because then you cant do DeadBand. It's as if the CMPB register is not counting you cant get EPWMB to trigger off it ?

You have output B configured

You have output B configured the same as output EPWMA. To get complementary output, you will need to configure output EPWMB as CMPB up match 1 and CMPB Down match 0. If you are controlling an IGBT or MOSFET and need deadband, then you use the Deadband module and the Action Qualifier setting on EPWMB can be overridden. See post here for PWM explanation