How Do I Use Uniflash to burn my program to flash?

I want to burn my Concerto C28x program to flash. I see you recommend Uniflash to burn it to flash, but how the heck do I use it? TI doesn't seem to have very good help.

You can use CCS or Uniflash.

To create a flashable image, just check the "Target flash" option on the codegen screen.
To burn the image to flash you can use TI CCS or Uniflash. If you haven't already installed CCS, Uniflash is faster to install. You can download Uniflash from TI here. The first time you will need to create a config file like so:

  1. Select "File > New Target Config..."
  2. In "connection" select Texas Instruments XDS100V2 USB (or F2808 eZdsp or whatever JTAG you use)
  3. In "Board or Device" select "F28M35H52C1" (or whatever target you use)
  4. Do a file Save to "F28M35H52_xds100v2.ccxml" (or save to <target>_<jtag>.ccxml) so you don't have to go thru above steps ever again.

To flash your program do the following:

  1. Select Program > Load Program
  2. Navigate to your .out file ( in /vissim80/cg/)
  3. Select core to program (C28xx_0 or Cortex_M3_0)
  4. Click OK and don't touch power to the target until flashing is done.

Next time you open Uniflash, just look for your saved config under the File menu and skip the config file creation.