How do I select F28335 target in the Code Gen dialog?

When using Tools > Code Gen to create a .out file, I don't see the F28335 processor option in the main target list. How can I select the F28335 processor target? Please reply us as soon as possible.

Good question Joe.

The F28335 is considered a subtarget of the F280x family as the peripherals like ePWM and ADC are the same on F2808 and F28335. The good news is that there is no extra charge for F28335 (Delfino) support or F28035 (Piccolo) support. They are both considered subtypes of the F280x family.
However, you must select the proper subfamily target for proper compilation and boot behavior due to some small differences among family members like clock speed and memory layout.
To select the subtarget within the F280x family, choose Embedded > Delfino > MCU Config... (or Embedded > Piccolo > MCU Config... or Embedded > F280x > MCU Config...) Then select the desired subtarget from the CPU dropdown list as shown below. In version 8, an MCU config block will be inserted into your diagram so you can just right click it to change subtargets or JTAG emulator in the future.

MCU properties