How do I create a state chart to sequence my motor drive startup?

Hi, I want to create a state chart to sequence the startup of my motor drive to step it through phases of operation. Is there an easy way to do that?


In your VisSim workspace, insert a State Charts > state chart block. Ctrl+right click on it to name and add variables and state inputs/outputs. A simple right click on the state chart will drill into it like a compound block. Then you can insert State Charts > states. You draw transitions between states by holding the left mouse down when you see the pencil mouse icon (when mouse on the outer edge of the state) and drag inside the state you want to transition to. You must have one transition from a State Charts > initial state indicator to the first state. In the VisSim continuous workspace, you can take actions based on what state you are in using the State Charts > state id block. You can read more here VisSim/State Charts User Guide