How can I download program into Flash

Hello again!

I have next problem with VisSim - I would like to download my program into flash memory in F28335 device. Do I have to configure only in Code Gen window? When I am choosing option Target Flash and compile - I get an error about "unresolved symbols remain" in lnk2000 subprogram - when I compile without selected Target Flash - I don't get any errors - where could be possible problems. I don't know does is it important, but this unresolved symbol it is "_SFO_MepDis_V5".

I would like to configure my device for running saved program after power up - so program have to be in Flash memory I think. I know I have to set up Boot jumpers on my board - but It is no problem

Another matter - when I would like to download the simplest program (flashing LED e.g.) I don't get any errors, but I can't run a program (when I use option "Target Flash"

I hope somebody can help me

Best regards! Pawel Blaszczyk

You found a small bug

Hi Pawel, There was an error in the linker command file for the F28335 flash target. It is fixed in the new build, but I have attached an updated .cmd file to this comment. Download it to your \vissim70\dsp\lib directory and you will build the F28335 flash target with no errors.

Once you have linked the .out file for flashing, you must start Code Composer and run the F28x Flash Tool to burn it to flash. As you have seen, a program that is built to target flash can not run from RAM. The linker allocates the program code to the flash memory addresses, so it must be stored in flash in order to run.
VisSim can download programs to RAM, but currently requires Code Composer to burn the flash.

Thank you

Thanks for fast response. I will try it now. If I will have more problems, I will write here

Best regards, Pawel Blaszczyk