How can I do a fixed-point table look up for my embedded app?

Stupid question perhaps: I need to convert a magnetization curve showing flux as function into a fix point table, with input current, so that the table ready the corresponding flux. What is the easiest way to do this? I know there is a look-up wizard but does that get me into the fixed point environment?

Duco, You always store your

You always store your table data as columns of floating point text. VisSim will convert the data to optimally scaled-fixed point if you use a fixed-point data type as the table index value. You can use the table wizard, or just insert a map block (we call "look up tables" map blocks because they perform a linear piece-wise mapping from an input domain to an output domain). You can do 1, 2 or 3 dimensional look-ups.
You switch between a floating point and fixed-point realization simply by the type of the input index. If you index with a fixed-point value, VisSim will choose output scalings for each output (you can have multi-column tables with more than one output) depending on the largest value in each column. If you index with a floating point value, the table will be floating point as will all outputs.